BTS New Single is ‘DYNAMITE! Coming August 21st!

“DYNAMITE! BTS has tweeted the name of the track to be released on 21st August! We are not sleeping tonight or ever until we hear it! This is exciting news as it gives fans a kind of feel for what the single will be like, Big Hit Entertainment dropped the news on their twitter handle.

Fans are already speculating that the single will have a sort of ‘Boy With Luv’ vibe to its beats and even visuals.

This announcement makes 21st August a day that ARMY is waiting for with bated breath and a lot of anticipation!

BTS and ARMY even got special emojis in pink color! When BTS goes out, they go all OUT with details!

BTS twitter profile got a makeover, cementing the announcement, making fans even go crazier with excitement!

Even BTS twitter profile layout has been updated with the ‘Dynamite’ theme. If this does not get the anticipation to 1,000,000% I do not know what hii will!

The hash tags #Dynamite #BTS_Dynamite are already trending on twitter after only a few minutes of the announcement! 1.4 Million Tweets, and counting every minute!

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