BTS Kim Taehyung with fastest Tweet to reach 2 million LIKES on Twitter history

“Kim Tae-hyung aka V has been giving us all sorts of moods with his looks ever since Dynamite Era started. We all know that he is the king of swag, stlye and memes! He is truly living up to his name, as he said that he chose the name V as his artist name as it represents Victory, and the name has not failed him. Even BTS members know of his charm. J-Hope once said that V has the most varied facial expressions whenever he performs.

“My stage name was chosen last. Six, Lex, and V. Those 3 names were suggested but both PD and members said that V fit me the best and so I picked V to stand for Victory” he said

The name V has most certainly kept him victorious whether it be as a member in BTS or as a solo artist, V has continued to impress the world with his chart breaking streaks and overall beautiful character as a human. He has written and co-written songs that have broken itunes records and been loved by fans across the world, songs that have inspired ARMY to do great things for society and helped mend peoples’ hearts😍

His songs like Inner Child, Scenary, Winter Bear, Sweet Night, Singularity and Stigma have been his best works so far, and we know with his deep voice and wide range of vocals we can expect even more greatness from him! We are utterly in LOVE with his collabs with fellow band members; RM – 4 O’Clock, Jin – Even If I Die It’sYou, J-Hope – Hug Me and my all time favourite with Jimin – Friends.

He has our hearts, I mean, he even came up with the expression “I purple You” for ARMY, such an endearing and awesome person that cares and loves ARMY. WE 💜 you too Tae Tae.💜

The tweet now has 2.8 million likes and 1.4 million retweets! (Numbers still going up!) Talk about King of breaking records!

BTS takes up top 4 out of 5, fastest tweets to reach 1 million likes on twitter

Taking over both Twitter and Instagram!

Fastest to reach 1 million RETWEETS on Twitter history! Not leaving any record unbroken, all in less than 24 hours!

Truly, the only person who can defeat Kim Taehyung today is Kim Taehyung tomorrow!

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