ALL the RECORDS ARMY set for ‘DYNAMITE’ MV Have Been Achieved! Kudos BTS & ARMY

“The moment BTS announced that their new song is ‘Dynamite’ and its release will be on 21st August, ARMY started preparations setting the goals for the new single. Worldwide trends started flooding Twitter as the goals spread like wild fire. The important thing to note hear is that when ARMY sets out to achieve something, you bet they will do it. Everyone was excited about the new single especially knowing that it would be BTS’ first all English song. Everyone looked forward to hearing BTS sing in English especially the rappers.

Once the MV dropped it was time to get those goals that were set. The Dynamite teaser started off pretty well with over 1 million views within minutes, the premier for the video was also successful as it became the most viewed music premier on YouTube. Lets find out the goals tha were set verses the actual goals that were hit by ARMYs dedication and love for BTS music.

The 24 hour goals…

GOAL: SHAZAM 250K Global

Shazam is an app that identifies music, movies, shows, based on a short sample played using the microphone on the device. Fans put this as part of the comeback goals because they felt that many people would probably try to search “Dynamite” after listening to it. Their goal of 250K was reached as they hit 257,839 Shazams in 24 hours.


Previously, BTS hit number 38 with “Boy With Luv”. “Dynamite” came in at 34, breaking their previous record. What’s interesting about this is that almost all the other songs from number 1 to 33 have the ‘explicit’ tag next to the track. This makes “Dynamite” the second song on the list that is not ‘explicit’. (Understood considering the lyrics are about drinking milk and ice tea!)

GOAL: Spotify 1.5 Million Streams

BTS continues to break their own record with every new song they release. They hit 1,314,671 streams with “Boy With Luv,” only to break it with “ON” with 1,408,995 streams. For “Dynamite” they hit 1,824,254 streams, going way over their goal of 1.5M. Even the instrumental version of the song reached 290,614 streams.

GOAL: iTunes No.1

This goal was easily reached with “Dynamite” reaching number 1 and the instrumental version hitting number 2 on the chart.

GOAL: YouTube 100M Views and 6.5M Likes (Global)

Although this goal seemed pretty impossible, they were super close to making it. 24 hours after the release, the music video hit 98,291,053 views with 8.8M likes. They hit the actual 100M view mark at 24 hours and 27 minutes which is still an amazing accomplishment considering the goal itself was really high already.

Update: YOUTUBE Confirmed Dynamite got 101.1 million views in 24 hours!

GOAL: Radio 500 Spins

A radio spin is the number of times a track is played on the radio. Although “Boy With Luv” reached 900 spins, they put the goal for “Dynamite” at 500 because radio was not something that fans could control. However, they beat their own record and reached 1,700 spins on release day. This is almost double their previous record!


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