BTS share with ARMY how they’re getting ready for their MTV VMA’s ‘Dynamite’ performance

“The 2020 MTV VMAs is finally here! and we cannot wait to watch BTS perform their first stage performance for their records breaking Single ‘Dynamite’ And with everything that BTS does, they love to share with ARMY. The 2020 VMA’s is one of those events that fans have been waiting for.

As they prepare for the event, BTS shared some intimate photos with fans of how they are preparing for the important event. The photos were just a glipse of how the performance is going to be, terming it as ‘fire’. Performing at the event will also be with Lady Gaga whom BTS said were excitend to be meeting, Ariana Grande, Black Eyed Peas and Doja Cat, this award show is going to be everything exciting and ‘Dynamite!’

BTS has been nominated in 4 categories and it will be amazing to see how many awards they will be able to take home. But I trust ARMY is still on a record breaking streak for the boys therefore there should be no surprises if BTS gets to take home a few if not all their nominated slots with wins.

The MTV VMA’s will take place at 8pm Eastern Time. Due to the Corona Pandemic the performances will not be held at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center but will take place outdoors across the city, or performed virtually elsewhere. It would be so amazing if BTS got to perform with all the other artists on stage, that interaction would have been priceless. Whichever the case we are looking forward to the event

Check out BTS casual looks that they wore for their choreography rehearsals, they look stylish no matter what they put on!

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