BTS setting the standard with a high number of Songs and Albums with 100 #1s on iTunes

“To say that 2020 has been a good year for BTS would be an understatement. 2020 has been a GRAND year for BTS! They released their newest album “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7″ at the beginning of the year and before June was over, it had become the most sold Album of 2020 only categorized with the Beetles.

We had just started getting excited about Map Of The Soul 7 when BTS released “MAP OF THE SOUL 7: the JOURNEY Japanese album that also boasts of its own records. The pure bliss was not even over when they announced the release of a new all English single “Dynamite”

From the first day of release”Dynamite” has been breaking records first on YouTube with the most views on a premiere, it was also the fastest video to reach 100 million views, and in 24 hours! Dynamite broke iTunes records, Shazam, radio plays, charts and just yesterday, BTS bagged 4 awards at the just concluded MTV VMA’s.

As much as BTS as a whole has been topping in their game, each member has had their own successes in individual solo projects. iTunes is one way that shows how far an artist’s influence is in the world and BTS’s influence is far reaching globally without barrier to country, race or even language. Whether it is albums or single song or a solo project, BTS has several no. 1s in 100 or more countries. Here are just a few of their chart topping works that we celebrate as ARMY

Sweet Night by V (Kim Taehyung) reached 117 #1 on iTunes. He is the first and only soloist to achieve this feat even beating Adele’s 5 year record with ‘Hello’ V is a vocalist, dancer, visual king, song writer and producer. Sweet Night gave him the title of youngest and fastest male artist to achive this milestone!

Sweet Night by V

Jungkook wrote and produced “Your Eyes Tell” which has 113 #1s on iTunes

Your Eyes Tell written by Jungkook
Moon by Jin

“Dynamite”by BTS became the fastest song to reach 100 #1s on iTunes. Even since its premiere Dynamite has become a global phenomena and is receiving a lot of love from fans all over the world

Dynamite by BTS

BTS’s “Black Swan” became the first single to break Adele’s 5 year iTunes record with “Hello”

Black Swan by BTS
Filter by Jimin
My Time by Jungkook

“D-2” by August D which is his second album became the fastest Album by an Asian artist to acheive 100 #1s on iTunes. D-2 was the 1st Album in 2020 to reach 100 #1s

D-2 Album by Agust D

RM became the 1st and only Asian act to achieve 118 #1s on iTunes for an album. He is the only Asian solo act with most #1s on the iTunes platform

Mono Album by RM

In conclusion BTS have set the standard so high that I believe even in the next 10 years, no one will do it like them. At this point BTS are the only ones who can break their own records and us ARMY have been priviledged to go on this awesome ride with them. Hey, that’s just my humble opinion, or maybe am just BTS biased😙

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