BTS Celebrate Jungkook’s birthday with heart warming messages

“Jeon Jung-kook aka Jungkook is turning 23 today! Our golden maknae has grown so much and we have all watched him mature into this immensely talented, kind hearted, responsible, beautiful human being right infront of our eyes.

He has acccomplished so much and gifted is with his wide range of talents. From his first days at Big Hit a shy little boy to now someone who can add the titles, lyricyst, song writer, producer, and so much more titles to his name!

This is seriously going to be a birthday to remember for the rest of his life because they got the biggest achievement of their musical career. Being no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 is every artist’s dream and BTS have just been gifted with that title on Jungkook’s birthday! What better gift can be better than that?

Jungkook’s birthday cakes over the years

BTS members have always been together, supporting one another, through thick and thin, and if there is one thing we know, they always celebrate each other’s precious moments. Birthdays are very important milestones and BTS always celebrate together, give each other advice and eat together. This year was no exception as they did just that. Here are some heart warming messages for Jungkook’s birthday from BTS members

Jimin wrote “Jungkook, happy 24th birthday Hyung loves you”

J-Hope wrote “Happy Birthday to our youngest, and hyung loves you a lot! To the members, congrats on getting No. 1 on the Billboard. I’m happy because I have you guys. And ARMY!! You know that I love ARMY, and I’m grateful for ARMY more than anyone else? ARMY must be congeatulated too!! I love you, my people who are always by my side”

Suga wrote “Happy Birthday Jungkook” and expressed his emotions using the hash tag “I still can’t sleep” and “Punching the empty air”

Jin wrote “Happy birthday Jungkook. I chose one where you came out nice”

The members then came together to celebrate Jungkook’s birthday on the VLive app and shared some moments on twitter too!

This is a 2014 Twitter message that Jungkook shared on their Twitter page to thank everyone for wishing him a happy birthday

How has time flown so fast? Now Jungkook is turning 23 (24 in Korean calendar) So to our dear Golden Maknae, Happy BIRTHDAY JUNGKOOK, wishing you nothing more than all the happiness in the world! Thank you for being born today and being such an inspiration to the whole world.

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