BTS’ Jimin is a big supporter of Education, he donated 100 million won (approximately $84,076) to the Jeonnam Future Education Foundation

“Jimin is one of the BTS members who loves to care for the others by doing small actions of affection like comforting others when they are down. Recently despite the fact that he cried almost the whole night when they got their news of getting no.1 on Billboard Hot 100, Jimin got up and bought a birthday cake for Jungkook to celebrate. ARMY have seen Jimin comfort J-Hope when he cried his eyes out when they surprised him for his birthday with his father’s face time message. He went and hugged V first when he broke down talking about his grandmother who had passed on. Jimin was the first member who noticed J-Hope about to cry and hugged him when they were receiving the award for artist of the year back in 2018 at MAMA’s awards.

Jimin comforted Jungkook who started crying when one of their concerts was coming to an end as they all could not help but feel emotional about it. When Suga spotted his parents in the crowd in one of their concerts, he bowed down to them after saying that he was now someone whom they could be proud of, Jimin went to his side knelt down and gently patted his back and stayed with him until Suga stopped sobbing.

With such a tender caring heart, it is no wonder that Jimin also cares about education. He graduated as the top student in his Contemporary Dance school so he knows the value that education holds for everyone. That is why it came as no surprise when The Jeonnam Office of Education shared on August 24, that “Jimin donated 100 million won (approximately $84,076) to the Jeonnam Future Education Foundation.”

The donation was delivered by Jimin’s father to Jang Seok Woong, the chairman of the foundation, on behalf of Jimin and asked him to use it for students in South Jeolla Province. Jang Seok Woong promised to use the donation to help students in their region.

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