BTS Delivers an OUTSTANDING performance of ‘Dynamite’ at America’s Got Talent Stage

“BTS!!!!!!!! LITERALLY lit the night sky with a lil’ funk n’ soul, with their ‘Dynamite’ performance at the America Got Talent semi finals show! Delivering a performance that is worthy of a thunderous standing ovation, BTS proved why they are the Kings of entertainment, performance, visuals, vocals, fashion and the stage.

Performing in their original ‘Dynamite’ outfits, BTS set the stage for a retro feel with the set that looked like it came out of a vintage 1800’s movie. To showcase the AGT themes, BTS included a judges table, where Jungkoom starts off the song on top of. There is a big sign with the words ‘AGT’ above what looks like a vintage movie theater.

BTS is a stickler for details and it did not pass by the ARMYs unnoticed. There were BTS and ARMY logos placed in strategic places, the iconic bus from BTS debut video ‘No More Dream’ made an appearance on the video and the number plate on the vintage car is 092013, the date that BTS debuted to the world.

BTS x ARMY logo
BTS x ARMY logos
Number plate is BTS’ debut date

Dynamite successes have been outstanding and commendable due to their hard work, love for music and love for ARMY

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