BTS J-Hope’s ‘Hope World’ Mixtape Tops iTunes Charts in 100 Countries

“It seems that 2020 is BTS’s year! From their chart breaking ‘Dynamite’ single that has been breaking records since it was released on 21st August, to their Break the Silence movie, to their BTS Universe Story, this pandemic has not slowed down BTS hard work. J-Hope’s Mixtape ‘Hope World’ added to BTS’ great achievements for 2020 by topping the iTunes Charts with 100 no. 1s.

J-Hope now becomes the third member of BTS to have their own Mixtape top 100 countries after RM’s solo Mixtape ‘Mono’ which topped in over 100 Countries and Agust D’s ‘D-2’ mixtape also topped in over 100 countries. J-Hope’s Mixtape ‘Hope World’ was released back in 2018 and ranked number 38 on the Billboard chart in that year.

Even though the album was released on Soundcloud, Hope World continued to gain a lot of popularity on the Billboard and iTunes chart and became the first Korean solo artist’s work to stay in the chart for 2 consecutive weeks.

This news was received by ARMY’s with lots of excitement, here is how they celebrated the feat.

Have a listen at this great masterpiece!

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