‘Boy With Luv’ Ending Fairy Jungkook Trends after BTS’ Performance at iHeartRadio Music Festival 2020

“No one, absolutely no can ever resist the charms of Jungkook, his golden maknae status is unmatched and there seems to be nothing stopping him from becoming more charming than he already is. He is the King of Twitter Trends and no day passes without him trending worldwide even just for his cute laughter, which we are obsessed over!

It is no surprise that after BTS’ Exciting, super charged performance at this year’s iHeartRadio Music Festival, he would trend again. This time Jungkook trended after their unforgettable performance of ‘BoyWithLuv

Jungkook’s ending scene in ‘Boy With Luv’ is always iconic, EVERY time he performs it. Over the years ARMYs fall in love with that scene. Their performance has made fans rememeber why they loved and still love ‘Boy With Luv’.

BTS performed ‘Dynamite’, ‘Make It Right’, ‘Spring Day’, and ‘Boy With luv’ at the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Festival, watch the flawless “Boy With Luv” performance below

Full performnace of ‘Dynamite’, ‘Make It Right’, ‘Spring Day’, and ‘Boy With luv’

ARMYs reactions to ‘Boy With Luv Ending Fairy Jungkook’


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