BTS’ V Steals The Show at The Mnet I-LAND’s Final Episode, Namjoon’s Reaction is Dynamite

“Its been 7 years of BTS being together. Its been 7 years of Namjoon being the leader of BTS and its still 7 years of BTS testing Namjoon’s patience. It is never easy to live together with 7 people, sharing everything, learning to have your own space when need be. As a Leader, Namjoon is tasked with making sure that the members are working well together, incase there are issues he ensures they sort it out as a family and he has been doing a great job especially at interviews interpreting for the members during English interviews. He is only human after all and BTS being the fun chaotic duo they are, makes Namjoon’s job not so easy. His level of patience was tested again when BTS were invited as guests to the Mnet I-LAND‘s final episode.

As the episode continued the host Nam Goong Min asked BTS to share their own stories from their early days before debut. All members gave their best moments of when they first debuted and gave the I-Landers advice moving forward.

But the moment of the night was when it was V’s turn. V talked about the difference between the food he had as a rookie and the food the I-LAND members get.

I-LAND food, there were lot of it. When we debuted first we didn’t have much. Sorry to remember the past but I just want to mention it I only had the chicken breast and I got scolded... V”

RM’s leadership role was activated and he took the microphone from V and apologized leaving everyone including the I-Landers laughing. It was a light hearted moment that ARMY did not miss.

Watch that moment and the advice that BTS gave to the I-Landers where the 7 to debut were chosen

These guys are just the funniest

I’m pretty sure Namjoon crosses his fingers anytime any of the members takes the microphone to speak

Namjoon being done with BTS is a never ending saga! Here are some past hilarious compilations from ARMY on moments that Namjoon was done with BTS

At the end of the day BTS is family and as much as they test Namjoon’s patience, they know that they can always count on him to lead them to a prosperous and happy future. They all respect and love Namjoon because at the end of the day, they have only each other to support and lean on

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