BTS ARMYs Freak Out over a Possible Jungkook Mixtape Release

“I swear, you leave Twitter for a few hours, no, a few minutes and you come back to a gazillion new updates from BTS. This September they have been feeding us with all the good stuff. From Birthday Vlives, virtual performances, selcas, Dynamite new remixes, my brain is in a daze! Jungkook was live (apparently it was prerecorded) on YouTube and it has led to all sorts of speculations, leave alone that the Live was on mute almost the whole time especially when Jungkook can be seen singing. Now ARMY are freaking out over the possibility of a mixtape from Jungkook. It is hardly a few weeks since V teased fans with a song that is supposedly going to be in his mixtape. #JKK1, JKK1ISCOMING trended on Twitter with ARMY undecided whether he was truly working on his Mixtape or he was working on the upcoming BTS New comeback Album or both, that made ARMY restless.

At this point, ARMY needs oxygen with all these new teasers and mysteries

I don’t know what he/she is saying but seem like an excited one!

See Jungkook’s pre recorded live and judge for yourself, is JKK1COMING?

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