BTS Among Those to Be Awarded at the 2020 Asia Game Changer Awards

“BTS has given everyone so much to look forward to this year 2020 that has been a roller coaster of emotions for everyone. No one could have fore seen the COVID- 19 pandemic when the year started, we were all celebrating wishing each other a ‘Happy New Year’, writing down our goals for 2020, those who were to travel, get engaged, have a baby, lose weight, attend a concert, start a new hobby, somehow things came to a standstill. As much as some things kept going for most of us it was a moment to stop and rethink relationships, our health both mental, spiritual and even psychological.

It has never been a time like this that everyone has had to just sit down and reflect, who am I really? What are my dreams, am I happy, am I content? These are some of the questions that have been going through everyone’s mind at some point. People have been hurting and not being able to talk about it or being afraid to talk about it. Everyone has needed that helping hand that tells you ‘you are not alone’. It has been and still continues to be a tough year.

The one thing that has remained constant, this year, is BTS’ message of hope and resilience and finding a bit of happiness in every situation. They have felt that frustration and deep feelings of regret at not being able to do what they set out to do with ARMY in 2020.

“I’m sure many people are going through hard times right now. It was really tough for us too. We had so many things scheduled but we couldn’t do any of them. That’s how serious it is right now. Many people are putting in the effort. And we’re doing the best we can too. I hope you find something within. I hope you find that silver lining so that you can find some kind of joy in these dark times. It’s tough but I hope you fight on” Jungkook

Then came the song ‘Dynamite’

“I have a heavy heart. I can’t dare say that I understand those struggling right now. It’s difficult for me to say that. To tell you about ‘Dynamite’ from our circumstances, it would not have been born without COVID – 19. So I believe, I believe that with the bad, there’s always the good. Though that could take a long time. At night the shadows are long but the sun will surely rise. I know it’s tough for so many people. But we’ll do our very best so please stay hopeful. And I wish you all stay healthy” RM

It is with words like these and their music that BTS have brought so much hope and joy and a sense of peace of mind to the whole world, whether a fan or not. And we are not surprised that they will be awarded at this year’s Asia Game Changer Awards which is celebrating the heroes of 2020.

“Asia Society’s 2020 Asia Game Changer Awards honorees were chosen for their responses to the year’s twin traumas of COVID-19 and racially motivated violence. In partnership with Citi, Asia Society annually honors game-changing leaders from a broad geographic range and varied backgrounds; this year’s honorees have saved lives, changed lives, and lifted spirits all across the globe.”

The virtual event will also feature a special message by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a performance from Yo-Yo Ma, and a special moment to honor frontline health care workers in the U.S. and Asia. It will take place on Thursday, October 22, 2020 8 p.m.

“BTS have been chosen for the AWARD, for raising their voices and inspiring their huge global audience to stand against any form of discrimination”

“BTS has carried out the LOVE MYSELF campaign to convey the message of “having true love for others and the world requires loving myself first.” The campaign supports UNICEF’s #ENDviolence youth manifesto that aims to protect children and young people across the world from violence. In 2020, the band also donated $1 million to the Crew Nation campaign supporting concert crews who have been impacted by COVID-19.”

“Later, as Black Lives Matter protests took hold in cities throughout the world, related hashtags such as #BlackoutTuesday began to trend on social media. When racist counter movements like #WhiteLivesMatter and #WhiteoutWednesday emerged, the ARMY swept into action, posting countless K-pop memes and videos using those hashtags to drown out the negative voices. And when BTS, in June, generously donated $1 million to BLM, its fans rallied to match that amount in little more than a day. “We stand against racial discrimination,” the band tweeted. “We condemn violence. You, I and we all have the right to be respected. We will stand together.” SOURCE

BTS’ message is simple. Love Yourself. Speak Yourself.

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