Singers ‘Surfaces’ Appreciates BTS V & J-Hope Dancing to Their Song ‘This View’

“It is known that most if not all musicians love music and BTS’ love for music transcends all genres, that is why they are able to create music without any restrictions to the genres they write, produce and sing. In the 6th episode of BTS In The Soop, J-hope and V can be seen out and about, enjoying burgers and then they start dancing to a song playing in the car. BTS appreciates good music and this seems to be a song that V has always loved as they happily dance to it in the middle of almost ‘nowhere’, just two guys enjoying each other’s company.

The song V and J-Hope are dancing to is ‘This View’ sang by a duet group called ‘Surfaces’. They tagged the clip on Twitter and gave a shout out to BTS.

Have a listen to the whole song below

A clip of V rocking to ‘The View’. It turns out that the song in one of V’s favorite songs in his playlist that he has even recommended before on his past live stream on Vlive.

This was back in April 2020

Grooving to the song ‘This View’ on his TeTe FM

Some ARMY even became fans of ‘Surfaces’ after V shared the song as he danced to it during a Live

“I came to know about this beautiful song from Taehyung’s Vlive. And I love it. Your Musis is so good and relaxing. Thank you, I purple you” one fan wrote

We love to see BTS this relaxed, with no worries and no care in the world, just listening to good music and enjoying each other’s company

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