BTS Performs ‘Dynamite’ for Day 5 of #BTSWEEK on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’

The last day of #BTSWEEK is here today. How has a whole week just flown by? Jimmy Fallon has given us the best gift that ARMY could ever ask for, 5 amazing, over the top, creative, mind blowing performances from BTS. ‘’Dynamite’, ‘IDOL’, ‘HOME’, ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Mikrokosmos’ have never been so refreshing! Their last performance was ‘Dynamite’ and as usual the set was impeccable, giving us that 70’s 80’s diner vibe with those bright outfits, the song has never looked this good! Thanks to Jimmy Fallon ARMY got to have BTS having fun and being themselves and laughing, which we always want from them. We can only wait for the time that this pandemic will be over and they can meet face to face, because Jimmy and the boys always have the best times like brothers who have been living together for a long time. BTS ended the Dynamite performance by roller skating on the rink in 70’s/80’s inspired skates. Loved it! Check out their magnificent FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, and FOURTH performances as well!

Jimmy Fallon then thanked BTS for putting on memorable performances and participating in various interviews and games, and also thanked ARMY for being the dream. We thank him more for always treating BTS like family rather than celebrities. he is so genuine and a fun host. We are here hoping for a #BTSMONTH in the near future!

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