The Power of PARK JIMIN in ‘Filter’ Map of the Soul One Performance is Impossibly Seductive

Jimin is a dancer. He is the perfect embodiment of body meets rhythm, meets beat, meets emotion and then blends all movements. His stage presence can be felt a mile away but felt like his breath is just right next to the hairs on your neck. Nothing prepared anyone for Jimin’s filter performance! No one! “Dead.” “In my mind rent free.” “I can’t move.” Filter Jimin. Just a few of the words used to describe Jimin’s ‘Filter’ Performance during the Map of the Soul O:NE Concert. It was never what anyone expected. Now no one can never listen to “Filter” the same way ever again.

When “Map Of The Soul: 7” Album was released and you listened to “Filter,” you probably had a different imagination of what a live performance would look like. With its sort of Latin inspired beat, one would have imagined quite a non dramatic, easy, light performance, but somehow we are so so glad Jimin exceeded the expectations of this song’s performance, he blew it out of the ball park. Jimin dances like he is gliding over water, and with this performance Jimin teased the audience with the sultry moves he showed on the dance floor.

The performance was impossibly seductive and kept one glued to his every step, listening intently at his every word. No matter how many times you have listened to “Filter” the song sounded like it was the first time you were listening to it, because of Jimin’s dance. The song took on a whole new meaning with a life of its own, created to mesmerize and bewitch you into submission.

This song was perfectly made for Jimin. He is the song. And the song is him. “Filter” performed by Jimin made you a beliver in the old classical romance, seduction and temptation. It made you want to eat the forbidden fruit and blame it on Jimin, because it was that Igood. Filter Jimin was a RESET of time into the 17th century courtship, romance and conquering a damsel in distress. Through the dance, he returned the belief that true romance is not dead. Only Jimin can create great love stories by the way he moves with the rhythm of the song.

Jimin Filter Day 1

Jimin Filter Day 2

Filter Day 1 & 2

I’ll add this because I agree

World sensation Jimin takes us through a journey of emotions with Filter!

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