BTS RM’s Ending Speech at ‘Map of The Soul One’ Concert is Everything ARMY Needed Right Now

RM’s speeches are always what ARMY looks foward to at the end of every concert. And he did not dissapoint at the ‘Map of the Soul One’ concert. He spoke about being grateful for being able to have a concert during this tough period because technology was there to make it happen. He spoke about the places BTS had been, his belief in the energy that has been BTS and ARMY and hoping that we never loose our smile no matter what. Here is his full speech that he made in English.

Day 1 Speech

“We are literally strong. The ARMY that I know and the BTS that everyone knows, we are all strong. We will find a way, we always have. If there is no way, let’s draw the map, the whole map again

DAY 2 Speech

“You know what? I’m happy. I’m so happy. I’m literally so happy. I have no religion but I thank God that we’re living in 2020. I thank God that we have this technology so that we can be connected with no latency, see each other’s faces like it literally feels like you’re here and I hope you guys feel the same way too…”

“I thank God that we can do this, at least we can do this. At this kind of stage it is no one’s fault. And we’re the people. We’re humans. We’re just doing our best. We’re just doing our best…”

“We’re just doing what we can do. And you know we have those six seven years. We’ve been to America. We’ve been to Asia. We’ve been to everywhere and saw our faces, we felt our energy, we charged each other’s batteries, we literally did all those kinds of things…”

“I believe in those years and the time. The belief and energy that we built together will never betray us. So I’m happy. I hope you could smile and feel the same and vibe. I hope you’re happy. Stay safe. Thank you very much. I love you”


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