‘Dynamite’ is BTS’ Most Liked Music Video of All Time

“Dynamite” Official MV by BTS is now their most liked MV of all time, surpassing “DNA” MV on YouTube. “Dynamite” was released on August 21, 2020. “Dynamite” was preceded by a 28-second long video teaser which was published to Big Hit’s official YouTube channel on August 18. As of 14th October 2020 the teaser has over 75 Million views . When the video premiered at 12:00AM EST on 21st August, it garnered over 3 million peak concurrent viewers, setting a new all-time record for the biggest music video premiere on the platform.

It became the fastest YouTube video to reach 10 million views, doing so after only 20 minutes of release, and the most viewed YouTube video in the first 24 hours, earning 101.1 million views and setting three new Guinness World Records. The music video is the fastest in YouTube history to cross the 200 million mark, in just four days and twelve hours after release, and the fastest by a music group to surpass 400 million views, doing so on September 26, 35 days after release

Now the MV has become BTS’ most liked video. “Dynamite” now has 19.40 Million likes, 990K dislikes (you gotta have haters to know you are impacting many people, I think people just like going the opposite of everyone else just to see who reacts or the results, hehe), 8.23 Million comments and 476.87 Million Views. The “Dynamite” single got 2  #1s on the Billboard Hot 100, then got 2 #2s, then returned to #1 on its 7th week  and now has continued to dominate at #2 for its 8th week on the Billboard charts. “Dynamite” is proving to be a stable hit on the US charts, and returned to #1 on UK’s singles top 50 charts this week

Enjoy the record breaking chart topping MV!

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