BTS Suga Played “Whiskey & Morphine” by Alexander Jean During His VLive

During Suga’s VLive session, he played the acoustics to the song “Whiskey & Morphine”. I have replayed that part I think for the billionth time. After hearing the acoustics, I had to find the song! Surprise, surprise I just discovered that on Jul 12, 2019 RM Tweeted about “Whiskey & Morphine” by Alexander Jean and the singers responded back thanking RM for recommending their music. RM used to recommend a lot of music which led to ARMY learning of new artists and even enjoying different types of Music.

A few weeks back he recommended the music he was listening to which led to the artist gaining new fans. It is not only RM who recommends music to ARMY, V used to recommend music by playing his favorite songs, J-Hope also recommends music that he is listening to or just playing them during Live sessions.

I am always learning new songs and knowing new artists through BTS. They not only share their music with fans but also love for us to listen to new music and learn more about other artists that they enjoy listening to. That is why BTS is loved so much, they always share what they love and what they feel like ARMY would enjoy.

RM shared “Whiskey & Morphine” on Twitter

The song

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