Fans React to Theory About Jimin’s Quick Outfit Change in “Filter” During Map of The Soul ON:E Concert

BTS Jimin dancing is a whole story unfolding, the making of a grand film, the writing of magnificent poetry, the sculpting of a picasso, the drawing of a Monalisa, basically Jimin dancing is ART. The whole world now knows that Jimin can perform, and outperform! No one was ready for his performance of “Filter” in Map Of the Soul ON:E concert. He blew the roof away with his performance because of how intricate, detailed and seductive it was.

No one expected Jimin to interpret “Filter” the way Jimin interpreted it through his dance. From the beginning to the end, Jimin showcased his various dance moves creating a mesmerizing story line with just that dance.

You could not get your eyes off Jimin dancing and showing us the various filters that we had to choose from. Jimin’s dance style is just flawless and intriguing, delicate yet so powerful.

The moment that has everyone hooked and rewinding for the hundredth time was when he did the quick outfit change. It was a split second change that had everyone’s jaw dropping on the floor. Jimin appeared with a whole wardrobe change in the blink of an eye!

Now there are so many theories of how that was possible, from Jimin having a hidden twin that we have not known about, to Jimin being a magician, to it boiling down to Bangtan’s super powers.

And trust ARMY to come up with theories that have charts and drawings and explanations. Here are some reactions to one of those theory videos of how Jimin managed his quick change during his performance. What are your thoughts, it is magic or a well-executed thought out plan?

DAY 1 Performance

DAY 2 Performance

The performance had fans googling how to be a mannequin

The quick change moment that defied all reasoning and belief

Reactions about the theory behind Jimin’s impressive quick change

Meha S “Bighit better not do a reveal two years later like they did for black swan’s shadows in the mv”

Snow Jae “I love an ARMY’s thorough and creative analysis! It’s as if Jimin wanted his fans to try and uncover what’s truly behind this Filter; D”

Iman Iman “This still haunting me… at least you gave me an idea. But still Jimin is a magician”

Tracy Banda “Plot twist: Jimin actually has a twin, they both sound the same and their voices are the same”

Nandstefan “I agree with you. Quick change, if done right, takes at most 4 to 5 seconds to do complicated changes (look up professional quick change and count between the outfits) I have no doubt that he would have no problems learning how to do it. Especially since they were preparing this concert for months and months. You should also do day 2. I feel like I know how he does it (my dad was a magician for most of my childhood into my teens so I know how most of that stuff is done) I just could never explain it as well as you have here. The only thing I would say it the sleeves are not full long sleeves. They would go just far enough to trick the eye but I think if the sleeves were all the way down there would be a bigger chance of getting caught in the sleeves.”

SIBLINGS partner in crime “I’m tired of seeing comments saying it’s prerecorded. everyone’s acting like it’s impossible to do.”

Nilu Sarangadharan “Jimin is a magician OK, he has tricked us with his talent, cuteness, sexiness and lastly his gaze… We all are his slaves”

Dejaswini. s “It will take me about 3 to 4 hrs. to wear a pants 😂😂 but Jimin u r an angel, u changed it like an Usain bolt”

Chim Chim Park “omg that actually kind of makes sense… I’ve seen people saying he wore his other outfit under his clothes but bruh the shirt was white and you could clearly see he wasn’t wearing anything under it”

Ayra Mae Romero “It’s really not prerecorded bc I think before the cancelation of concert they already practiced for this so how they will do this live if its prerecorded?”

Nuwaira “Well dude if whatever you are saying is correct then honestly I don’t deserve this hardworking bean…just imagine the amount of practice he could have done for it coz it’s genuinely not an easy task but he made us look like magic my god he became a real vampire for armyyy my God did all these things in just 3-4 secs my God Hats Off to You Jimin….BTS is just the best”

Cher xiong “The red one was plausible but the purple had me guessing. Because it wasn’t as tight, and it seemed like it wouldn’t fit under his first outfit. But there’s SO many clothes they make to change quickly out of like magic shows. And there’s even a famous guy who transforms regular dresses into princess ones. So I’m assuming it’s something similar. If not, I think his first outfits are ones that can tear in half because it’s stitched in the middle by velcro.”

Maidhili sivakumar “Let’s just salute their concept and the way they amazed us by doing these things. Hats off to their professionalism!! Mochi might have been worked hard for this”

Yeontan’s wifeu “3-4 seconds???? Bruh that felt like 1.5 secondsss. Daebak for their professionalism”

Monika Talukdar “Isn’t he that very mochi who always be late?? And the members use the phrase “I JIMIN TODAY” if they are late… well uk what!? Bai I’m leaving this planet. All men do is lie. Bai”

SIBLINGS partner in crime “Ohhhhh you are really smart😇 …. at least my stress level has decreased after seeing this and I can sleep properly …….”

Vaidehi Pooja “We gonna clowned for another time when bighit reveals it…. till then its Jimin magic…. he distracts us with sexy charm n angel voice and he do the magic”

Jungkook Jeon “Hey, I got something. Actually the background dancer covers his lower part one by one at first. At that time, they should have torn his pants. Cuz when they show from any of the angles, the black cloth is already present there. So, this must be it.”

KViscop “Lol, I thought they edited it but forgot that it’s bighit, they barely edit anything. And you are telling me Jimin did that in 3-4 seconds, Damn, How!!???”

Sarinah Mohamed “maybe they did it in two parts and edit it together because there’s no live audience and Jimin’s part maybe (just my assumption) is not done live maybe, just maybe its prerecorded …. sorry if I’m wrong because I tried but couldn’t get any answers as to how Jimin could have changed his clothes (fully button and very neatly worn) in a few seconds.”

Carlethia Street “I don’t want to know, let me remain in awe of my bias, PARK JIMIN💜”

Park Jimin “Till now I still don’t understand how it’s even possible within just a second?”

SARITA FRANCIS FERNANDEZ “I have once seen a lady on roadside changing the color of her clothes. That was some magic. And in many movies too this was adopted. And as we all know there is a pure logic behind every magic, here also may be something like that would have happened. May be Big Hit met that Lady and asked her to teach Jimin the magic and its logic. Wild guess.”

Kim Anna “In my suggestion, I’m gonna say that the camera was just paused for some moment, he changed and then the camera was played again. I know it’s live but it was recorded with camera tho right? So it’s just pausing the camera nothing else ig”

Snow Jae “I love an ARMY’s thorough and creative analysis! It’s as if Jimin wanted his fans to try and uncover what’s truly behind this Filter; D”

Ruth Anna “Wow he is the one and only human in the world who can change his dress in seconds. Pls someone call ambulance I’m dying now. He is so hot”

So, what do you think? Should we wait for BigHit to reveal to us or continue guessing?

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