BTS’ Suga Undergoes Surgery For His Shoulder, Will Be Unable To Take Part in Some Activities As He Recovers

We know that BTS goes all out during their performances and we have also seen many instances where they have been hurt. It is expected of any physically tasking activity that there would be injuries. BTS always take being injured seriously because it means they cannot perform. Jungkook and Jimin always take it the hardest whenever they cannot perform because of an injury. At the end of the day, ARMY is always grateful when BTS gets better and are able to get back on stage, always wishing the members to be healthy always.

During the Map Of The Soul ON:E Concert, ARMY noticed that something was wrong with Suga. They noticed that he was not able to lift his hand as the other members lifted theirs. They even trended that hashtag #SugasShoulder and this made Suga reveal that he had hurt his shoulder but was fine to continue with the concert.

It has now been revealed that BTS’ Suga received surgery for his shoulder. In an official statement released on November 6, Big Hit Entertainment shared that Suga underwent surgery to repair his torn shoulder labrum on November 3. As a result Suga will be unable to participate in most official activities so that he may fully focus on his recovery. He may not be able to even engage fully in their upcoming “BE” promotions! Here is Big Hit Entertainment’s statement.


This is Big Hit Entertainment.

We would like to provide information regarding the health of BTS member Suga.

Suga underwent surgery to repair his torn shoulder labrum on November 3. The surgery, to address a problem that had constantly been a health and wellness issue for Suga, was completed successfully, and he is currently resting and recovering following his physician’s advice that Suga must undergo a strict and unhindered period of recovery.

As many fans know, Suga has long suffered from shoulder-related health issues. Suga’s shoulder issues began when he was injured in an accident that occurred in 2012 before his debut, and he was diagnosed with a dislocated shoulder in 2013. Shoulder pains continued until he was further diagnosed in 2019 with “posterior labral tear of his left shoulder,” which means that the cartilage around his left shoulder joint has been torn. Since then, he has continued to receive various treatment to prevent his injury from affecting his activities.

Suga has long suffered from a wide range of symptoms including the inability to raise his arms high and sudden bouts of pain. He underwent constant rehabilitation and treatment during his career, but unfortunately his symptoms did not improve measurably. These symptoms have appeared with increasing frequency in recent years, affecting Suga not only on the stage but in the course of his daily life as well.

Suga also felt that it was important for him to restore himself to good health to prepare for his mandatory military service as well as his post-service musical career. After extensive discussion with the company, the decision was made to undergo the surgical procedure.

Following the surgery, Suga will be unable to participate in most official activities so that he may fully focus on his recovery. Once doctors determine that the site of the operation has healed sufficiently, Suga will begin physical therapy so that he can ultimately return to the stage healthy and fully recovered. It may be difficult for Suga to meet his long-awaited fans for some time, including for the upcoming BTS “BE” album promotional activities. We apologize to every fan who has waited patiently to meet Suga again, and we ask for your generous and loving understanding.

Suga wishes his fans to know that he is “very aware of how concerned and worried the fans must be and knows how sad the fans must feel.”

He said, “Please understand this time as being my chance to prepare to meet you again strong and healthy, and even if I must be away for a short while, please wait for me to come back to you.”

Big Hit will always strive to ensure the health and safety of all of our artists.

Thank you.

We wish Suga a quick recovery as he rests up and takes care of his shoulder and general health. He is loved and I’m sure all of ARMYs thoughts are with him at this moment and wishing him the best. They have had an eventful half of the year and this is his opportunity to completely recover and hopefully be up and about very soon.

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