Adorable & Cute Jimin Facts That Only Real ARMYs Know About

BTS Jimin born 13th October 1995 is a dancer and vocalist. Jimin has a sexy charisma on stage, off stage Jimin is one of the most adorable people to ever exist on the planet. He cares not only for his members but his fans whom he always talks about and with whenever he goes on VLive. If you have known Jimin for a long time, there are some cute and adorable habits that you will definitely not miss. Today we feature some of his 11 habits that you might have noticed and some you might have not. Are there other habits that are not listed here? Do let us know about them.  

  1. How He Loves To Run His Fingers Through His Hair

But who would blame him, if you have such luscious, beautiful soft hair, then this is something you’d find yourself doing. This habit is so regular that even the other BTS members know and tease him about it, especially Jungkook who even imitates the way Jimin does it. If he is wearing a hat, he’d remove the hat, run his fingers through his hair, several times, then put the hat back on

He does it so effortlessly that its like a subconscious thing he does without realizing that he is doing it

2. Falling Off Chairs, Whether They’re High Or Low

It is a running joke that Jimin and chairs are enemies, and you can see why. Jimin just does not seem to find his balance on any chair. Either he slips from the chair or he misses the chair all together, and the members are always there to try and catch him or laugh at him, like J-Hope did one time and even imitated how Jimin fell

Jungkook tried to help him Jimin up but fell down as well, seems like Jimin’s fall has a magnetic pull to the floor

3. The Way Jimin Pouts, Too Adorable

Jimin is always adorable whenever he wants to, and if there is a weapon that he works with to get what he wants, its his cute pout. And who can resist that cute charm, pouting and with puppy eyes. He will pout when he is sad, being playful or when he wants to act cute to the other members

Jimin must absolutely know about the power that his pout has on BTS and even ARMY, but, they are not complaining!

4. Jimin’s Habit Of Licking His Lips

Whether it is for adding moisture on his dry lips or as a way to flirt, you can never miss Jimin’s little habit that he does so effortlessly as well. He knows he it totally charming and doing that just adds another level of cuteness and sexiness

How can you even survive when Jimin does this? It’s insane!

5. Jimin Covering His Face Whenever He Gets Shy

Jimin on stage is such a force of nature because of his hard energetic dances and sometimes smooth sultry dance moves. One little cute habit that you can observe is that whenever he gets shy, he would cover his mouth or face like he is trying to hide away from the moment, especially when someone compliments him

He’s just too adorable trying to hide away his blushing

6. His Nose Crunches Are Deadly Cute

Jimin is totally the king of cuteness. His nose crunches are used to try and threaten the other members or when he is thinking hard. But who would feel afraid when he does this? you’d only think how cute he is

Just look at that adorable nose crunch!

7. When He Laughs Until His Eyes Disappear

When you want to know that Jimin is really happy, he will laugh or smile until his eyes seem to disappear, which makes him even more mochi like. That is his peek happiness moment

Oh, he’s just too precious whenever he does that

8. Speaking Of laughter, Jimin Usually Squeaks When He Laughs

We all have a laugh that is unique to each person, some laugh until they snort or laugh until they cannot breathe and start heaving. For Jimin, his laugh is sometimes so high that there’s a squeaking sound that comes off. You would miss it if you do not listen keenly

I would listen to Jimin laugh all day, so adorable!

9. Jimin Laughing And Falling Over

When Jimin laughs so hard, he usually laughs with his full body. His laugh is so hard that he will find himself falling to the floor whenever he is laughing. Jimin is never afraid to laugh out loud or laugh his heart out

Protect this babie at all cost!

10. Jimin Laughing And Falling Into Other BTS Members

Jimin’s laughter saga continues with his falling into the other BTS members when he is having a hearty laugh. If you crack a joke or somebody else cracks a joke and Jimin is sitting next to you, be sure that he will fall over into your arms, legs or chest when he laughs out loud! and nobody minds it

Total bliss watching Jimin laugh

11. Jimin Being Clumsy Is A Whole Saga

Whether it is because of being uncoordinated sometimes or he does it to be funny, Jimin usually finds himself in situations where he slips or fall over things, sometimes he just misses a step

Which Jimin’s cute fact do you love the most? We do love our baby mochi

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