BTS “BE” (Deluxe Edition) Album Cover and Special Gift Finally Revealed!

It is only 10 days to “BE” Album & BTS comeback!! BTS have alrwady delivered concept photos, concept audio and now they have given ARMY a sneep peak of what they can expect when they purchase the Album. “Be” is BTS’ first self produced Album that has seen members showcase their talents and abiities while contributing to the making of this great album. They have been sharing the process of the production through various logs on their BangtanTV youtube channel.

BTS members once wished to produce their own full album and now they have proven that they are capable of more than that. The title track was already announced and that is getting everyone excited of what is to come. The images have not been fully unveiled to give that element of surprise once one purchases that album and receives it. You can preorder on BTS Weverse Shop

Save the Date 20th November Album Drops!

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