ARMY Gears for BTS “BE” Album Comeback by Setting Goals & Trending #BETODAY

There are very few hours left for BTS’ most awaited comeback. ARMYs have set goals to make the comeback the best one yet. At this point you can trust that ARMY is serious with whatever goals that they set. The collective agenda that is decided with one voice and one end result always delivers! When BTS dropped their single “Dynamite” all the goals that ARMY set, were achived and even exceeded, and now, a new exciting challenge is upon the fans who have always believed in the strength of speaking as one and being determined to reach the goals no matter what! This is an exciting time to be alive, to embrace the collective “love yourself” nature that is BTS’ loyal fans. Are you ready for the comeback? Are you ready to listen to new music? Are you ready to have fun? What are you most looking for in this comeback?

Everyone is waiting for the comeback!

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