Why BTS’ Kim Taehyung is World’s BEST Boy With a Heart Of Gold

“On their latest RUN BTS Episode 116, Kim Taehyung aka V, just proved how respectful and considerate he is. We all know that V has a very caring heart and has shown us just how concerned he always is, about his members and ARMY. He wears his heart on his sleeve in terms of not being afraid to show his emotions. He is someone who always loves to be loved as he has a lot of love to give.

We saw his most vulnerable side when he opened up to Jungkook about how he felt not being able to perform with/for ARMY. V has always shown respect to his Hyungs, always taking into account their thoughts, suggestions and even scolding, sometimes.

In the RUN BTS episode, V was playing with a tennis ball that accidentally hit one of the camera directors. Immediately without thinking twice, V got on his knees and apologized to the camera director. Someone of his status in terms of celebrity hood did not mind apologizing for a mistake even though the camera director knew it was not intentional.

He did not mind putting his pride aside and go to his knees to ask for an apology. He eventually decided to ditch the tennis ball and find something else to do. I can only imagine the camera director smiling at V’s actions and just continuing with the shooting.

BTS’ V apologizing to camera director

BTS member probably surprises people with how humble and respectful they always are to everyone, whether it be to each other, their staff, interviewers or ARMY, they always maintain their discipline and respect for everyone.

During the ‘2017 MAMA’ in Hong Kong, when the staff members’ hands were full with cameras, cue sheet and other technical equipment, Jungkook stepped up to help by coiling up the wires.

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