BTS’ Jimin Reacts To News Of Their Billboard Hot 100 & Shares His Gratitude With ARMY

Jimin is the first BTS member to share on Twitter his reaction to the news of their no. 1 and no. 3 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 thanking ARMY on the feed. He said “Thank you so so much. It’s already so thankful that we got No1 and there are two our songs in top3…Thank you so much ARMYs who love us. We will do our best to let you listen to better album! (I was staying up waiting but was catching a nap) #JIMIN #OurARMYReceivedAnAward” When BTS got their first ever No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 With “Dynamite” Jimin trended for misspelling his name as “JIMIM” because he was excited and crying at the news. Today he is the first one to share the news and he did not misspell his name again! Congratulations our mochi, you guys have worked hard to try and make our quarantine life more comfortable and bearable through your music!

Jimin wished that the entire album would chart on Billboard Hot 100. They have worked so hard to give us everything from their hearts. Their first self produced Album where each member contributed immensely in, they deserve the amazing results that they are getting so far.

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