Winter 2021 DISPATCH Magazine BTS Jimin’s Cover

BTS’ Jimin covers Dispatch winter 2021 magazine, D-ICON’s BTS goes on vol. 10. Jimin knows how to work the camera so you get to see every beautiful aspect that is his body frame and facial features. He is a natural flirt whom the camera loves and flirts with right back. One of Jimin’ s best features is his eyes. Those eyes that tell, those beautiful eyes that devastatingly cause anticipated euphoria and unending bliss.

Jimin has a stare that can intimidate the best of us yet a stare that temptingly invites you in to speak of all your troubles that looking into his immensely attractive eyes will solve. Jimin’s body proportions are the envy of dancers, musicians and actors alike because any photo that Jimin takes comes with an added fluidity that only he can be able to achieve and create.

That flawless way he moves around the camera capturing every moment like it is the last breath. Jimin knows what he is working with, and he is not afraid to use it without much effort or even thought. His engaging poses are a story to be written on another beautiful day. Jimin is every photographer’s ecstacy.

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