Winter 2021 DISPATCH Magazine BTS Jin’s Cover

BTS’ Jin covers Dispatch Magazine winter 2021 D-ICON ‘BTS Goes On’ issue no. 10. Jin. Mr. World. Wide. Handsome. Jin is one with the camera, the camera moves to his beautiful rythm and beat. Jin understands where to lead the lenses to get the best out of every shot that he takes.

His seamless expressions and poses create that long sought after organic imagery that is sewn into photos that create impact and necessitate an emotional response to the picture without having to think hard on what an image represents. Jin is the full package when it comes to selling himself as the object of interest.

There’s usually that sly twinkle in his eye with a come hither innocence that does not escape the eye of the (beholder) photographer or onlooker.

You will be mesmerized, swallowed and thus awed by Jin’s outstandingly good looks that defy gravity and test the sense of reality verses a daydream. The look in Jin’s eyes in his photography stills is that one of ‘come solve this puzzle of mine, I dare you, but I’m nice too.’

Jin’s flawless body movements show off his flirty side and hard sexy charm that you cannot escape from! The lenses recognise astonishing beauty in the perfect embodiment that is Kim Seok-jin’s whole aura. Jin is every photographer’s fantasy.

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