Winter 2021 DISPATCH Magazine BTS RM’s Cover

BTS’ RM covers Dispatch Winter 2021 Magazine, D-ICON ‘BTS Goes On’ issue no. 10. He may or may not know it but RM loves the camera and the camera loves him back. RM is the perfect embodiment of quintessential; strong, silent and self-contained. Strong, his natural sense of leadership, team player and open to critism. Silent, the way he looks at the world, quietly observes and then speaks of its existence. Self-contained, the way he wonders about life, its meanings and what it represents to him.

If RM was music he would be Beethoven’s Seven, because BTS is 7, most important works, too many to choose from; the masterpieces Setpet, Moonlight Sonata, Adelaide, Fidelio, Pathetique Sonata, Fur Elise and Emperor Piano Concerto. Suga is ART. RM is MUSIC. RM’s photos feels like he takes them the way he listens to or writes his music, on purpose.

Every pose is thought out, even if for a mili-second, since we all love Namjoon’s ‘Sexy Brain‘ (read in Jin’s voice) 😉 The man has this intense stare that feels like he is boring fire into your soul and when he smiles, it is like he is quenching that flame with icicles of comfort. RM is every photographer’s four leaf clover.

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