BTS Is “Most Streamed K-pop Artist 2020” Here’s Why The Band is A Force to Be Reckoned With

We can honestly say that 2020 was BTS’s Year! They took what could have been a very detrimental year for any artist and turned it into their best years yet. What is outstanding about their performance in 2020 was their commitment to making sure that they delivered a message that was relevant, relatable and current. They immersed us into their world that they shared their own pains, disappointments and sometimes discouragements of how the year had been and how they are trying to get through tough moments. They showed us that we are not alone in ‘this,’ that having someone to share your thoughts and heartaches is the most important thing that can make us survive the dark times. They simply made 2020 bearable.

Musically speaking Grammy Nominated BTS set out a mission of making music that was light, fun and bright, that did not require too many theories and trying to decipher the meaning that was behind the lyrics. The songs that they chose to give us were songs that you could easily hum along as you went about your daily life and enjoy the rhythm and lyrics non stop. It is this way of thinking that made them the most streamed K-pop Artist of 2020.

BTS made streaming records, broke some, broke their own records with the music that they produced last year, and not just on one streaming platform but several. Case in point, their first English song “Dynamite” which was a completely cultural reset and the weighing point of any good music. “Dynamite” came to destroy charts and annihilate records, without apology.

With 7.778 million first-day streams on the global Spotify chart, “Dynamite” surpassed Taylor Swift’s “Cardigan” (7.742 million streams) as the biggest global song debut of 2020. “Dynamite” was the best-performing song of September and October 2020 in South Korea, based on digital sales, streaming, and background music (instrumental track) downloads. The song reached number one on Billboard Japan’s Streaming Songs chart on the issue dated September 7, 2020, with over 10 million streams. In its 11th week, the song surpassed 100 million cumulative streams, becoming the fastest song in history to do so and only the second song by a foreign artist in Japan besides Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” (2016).

“Dynamite” also debuted atop the Billboard Digital Song Sales chart, selling 265,000 downloads—the biggest pure sales week since Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” launched with 353,000 downloads in 2017. In its third week, “Dynamite” reached number one on the Global 200 chart with 92.1 million global streams and 58,000 global downloads sold, becoming the most-streamed and most-sold song globally. Source

We have not even talked about BTS new Album “BE” and lead single “Life Goes On”…

BTS’ music has always resonated with all kinds of people, their music cannot be put in a certain box or category because it speaks for every living being on earth. There is always a message that just sits right with one particular person, a lyrics that just hits different or a melody that fits just perfectly. It is never just the same type of music or dance or style, BTS have proved that an artist does not have to be defined by only one style of music, you can venture out and find even more ways to express yourself. As long as you understand who you are and why you do what you do, there really is no limit to your reach.

Congratulations BTS for always having ARMYs back!

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