BTS’ Suga Finally Meets All His “Replacements” & We Are Loving It

BTS did not allow Suga’s absence to be felt either by them or ARMY. Any time BTS made a public appearance for interviews or performances, even dance practice, Suga was always “there” with the other members. BTS always carried a picture of Suga that they posed with in photos. The best was when Suga completed OT7 during the 2020 MAMA “Life Goes On” performance. Suga came on as a hologram that most people almost thought that it was the real Suga. BTS always mentioned Suga, whenever they received awards, V even reminding us that BTS is 7 as one member was missing.

Suga’s return was highly anticipated and it was a glorious surprise when he joined his members at the Golden Disk Awards 2021 red carpet, on stage receiving an award and the performance stage even though he did not perform. Now Big Hit have shared a photo of Suga with all his other ‘selfs‘ that have been representing him as he completely recovers from surgery, how cute does he look? He looks good and healthy too, what we want to see!

All the times that “Suga” never missed a moment with his favourite band members.

BTS “ON” dance practice

BTS “BE” Global conference

BTS Golden Disk Awards 2021

BTS MMA 2020

BTS Celebrating Billboard

BTS “Life Goes On” reaction

BTS KBS Daejeon in Daegu


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