BTS Being Whipped For RM’s Brain, Saga Continues On The Latest Episode Of RUN BTS

BTS members have lived together for more than 7 years, and if there is something they seem to have never gotten used to, is how intelligently RM’s brain works. They are always complementing RM even for the seemingly simple tasks he does around them. It is a well known fact that BTS’ RM has a high IQ, 148 borders on genius and RM has proven his brain’s level of complexity time and again. The other BTS members always seem to react to RM’s level of thinking or analyzing things the way ARMY reacts, in awe and reverence.

In the latest episode of RUN BTS, Suga had come up with an idea for their brain storming session. Their mission was to come up with ideas on the kind of RUN BTS Episode they would produce for future shows. Suga then decided not to share his idea because he said that RM did not have a driver’s license.

RM on his end thought that he had heard Suga say something else. So he asked “I don’t have a brain?”

“You don’t have a driver’s license” Suga repeated to which RM laughed and started pinching his ear to say that he was hearing his own things

“Brain? We can’t lose RM’s brain!” Suga started with the RUN BTS editors adding the words “RM’s brain is precious”

Jungkook then added “RM’s brain is the smartest one” Jungkook has always spoken of his admiration for their band leader. He once said that he admires how Namjoon does not look at life in simple terms but will always look at the world differently from everybody else.

RM’s brain is to be admired, not just by BTS but humanity as a whole.

RM wrote Cypher 4 in 5 minutes

He wrote the lyrics for Singularity 4 days after his surgery! His lyrical mastery is just mind blowing!

In an episode of RUN BTS, the members were being asked to calculate a math problem while riding on a speed boat. RM calculated his question within mili-seconds of it being asked.

In an interview, BTS were asked their favourite features of the members next to them. Jin was seating next to RM and he just straight up said “In love your sexy brain!” and we couldn’t agree more!

BTS members have always complemented RM’s intelligence and praised him for being able to solve problems, whether it be calculations or solving issues about life. Both Jimin and Jin were impressed that RM was able to calculate the history of his Maple Story account from the time he created it to the present. The looks on their faces is exactly the looks listening to RM gives you every time the leader speaks.

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