BTS V’s Hidden Talent From Back in The Day You Might Not Know About

BTS’s V is a man of many talents. He can sing, dance, write and compose music, has dabbled in rapping, give the man a rap line Collab please, and he has acted. I’m sure soon we shall hear that V has produced a song, he is probably always learning something new everyday. Other talents include photography that he is truly amazing in. V’s curious mind is what has made him one of the most loved idols and even looked up to, his stage presence has been the subject of study among fellow celebrities who want to learn how he entertains effortlessly with his million facial and body expressions.

V has acted before in a historical Korean Drama called “Hwarang.” Over the years, V has shown his acting skills, in BTS’ music videos and campaigns. Recently he added another title to his many accolades, he was the visual director for their self produced album “BE” and if the visuals are anything to go by, then we can look forward to more of V’s visual directing skills.

BTS V acting in Hwarang

Back when BTS were just debuted, they appeared in several variety shows where they took part in games, answered questions and talked about their life as a new group in the music scene. In SBS’ talent variety show “Star King,” In the episode other guests included a dance team named “Heels Men”, called so because they can perform very difficult choreography while wearing high heels. V was challenged to dance one of their songs in heels and he immediately started dancing to “I Need U” much to the cheers of everyone at the show.

V did not seem to have a hard time dancing in the heels as he even jumped and landed so perfectly on the floor like a ballerina, did a smooth walk across the stage, much to the excitement of the females in the room. V was smiling all the way even saying that the shoes were not that uncomfortable.

Most people cannot dance in heels, or walk in heels for that matter, me, unless you are a performer or dancer, but V rocked and danced in those heels like the boss he is! Just proving that there is no limit to what V can do and his talents are truly versatile and amazing.

Watch V rock those heels like a BOSS!

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