BTS’ Jungkook Trending More Than The Super Bowl After Posting Selca

America said, “Superbowl? Nah, we missed Jungkook”

Nothing says heart attack like Jungkook posting a selca after what seems like an eternity! Jungkook has always been the BTS member who posts the least, so when he posts anything, the whole world goes berserk because they know the next time he will be online will be after a century, literally! The golden maknae once posted a picture of him holding a glass of milk after the release of their single “Dynamite” and it gained over 1 million likes in a few hours, the power that this man holds! He is indeed the King of trends.

Recently during an episode of RUN BTS, his beautiful arm sleeve tattoos were the cause of several number one trends and also after he debuted his blonde hair at the Golden Disk Awards, he was at the top of trends. With 1.5 million tweets and 1.3 million likes so far, Jungkook is taking over the world on the trends list. Jungkook’s selca broke Twitter’s record of being the fastest tweet to reach 500K comments in just 2 Hours and 44 Minutes. The previous Twitter fastest record was Jungkook’s Never Not Lauv cover (8 Hours and 40 Minutes to reach 500K comments)

Jungkook has shown that he knows what the world says about him, he knows what ARMY projects are happening for his birthday and recently in an interview where BTS were watching fans covering their songs, he revealed that he knew a certain YouTuber because he watches reaction channels. Imagine Jungkook recognizing you because he watched you on YouTube? That means that even though he is never online most of the time, he keeps up-to-date with the goings on of BTS online, somehow.

Related keywords like “JUNGKOOK CAME HOME” “JUNGKOOK POSTED” “JUNGKOOK SELCA” “BLONDE JUNGKOOK” were also on the trends list. It really feels like the boy came home, since his last post, and fans are always ready and happy to welcome him back with lots of outpouring love and messages.

Jungkook’s love for their number one fans, ARMY is reflected in the way fans pour lots of love to him through various ways. Whether it be participating in projects on his behalf, charting his song’s and even gifting him with items, which was usually done in the past. His songs like “Still With You” and the written and composed BTS song “Magic Shop” were all written and gifted to ARMY.

ARMY did really miss their golden boy!

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