BTS Unveiled Their 2021 “BTS WINTER PACKAGE” With Heart Warming Trailer

BTS are starting the year with ARMY in mind as they released their “2021 BTS Winter Package” as a gift for their fans. BTS released a less than 2 minute teaser of the package much to the excitement of fans. BTS start off the video by lighting matches individually as if to represent lighting up the new year and making wishes for a fresh start in 2021. Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook are shot with different themes and outfits and at different locations in the area. They look warm and cozy in their winter outfits. As usual they are having fun hanging out together and looking like being together is what makes them happy, especially now that Suga is with them, 7 is complete. “Life Goes On” their chart topper plays in the background truly aligning with the meaning of their greetings for the year 2021.

A statement from Big Hit read in part

“Winter memories made with 7 people. The second winter package in the white snow and sea of ​​Gangwon-do. From the quiz back to the world of concentricity, the unique experience that each team enjoyed, the diary presentation time, and the message the members convey to each other, the making DVD for about 107 minutes is fully contained. We plan to deliver warm consolation to ARMYs through the appearance of the members together. In addition, you can decorate with 11 kinds of wapens including the cute snowman drawn by the members. 2021 BTS WINTER PACKAGE, which will bring healing to ARMYs, is scheduled to be officially released on February 26 after pre-sale from January 28th.”

BTS’ Winter Snowflake package 2021 BTS was made in Gangwon-do. Gangwon is a mountainous, forested province in eastern northern in Korea where there are some Ski resorts. Pyeongchang county was the place of 2018 Winter Olympics.

The Winter Package will include a Pouch, Wappen, Photobook , Making DVD, 4×6 photoset, Mini Photo box, Mini poster set, 6-cut film photo, Photo card and Photo stickers (1st press only). The Package will be released on 26th February 2021 (next month) but is ready for preorder starting the 28th January 2021

Watch the trailer

Contents of the Winter Package

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