25+ Heart Stopping Times BTS’ Jimin Revealed His Abs That Should Be In Your Vault

BTS Jimin’s abs were iconic! New ARMY is always surprised and awed at how old debut ARMY survived this man’s well built structure. Jimin is generally an entertainer, very aware of how to perform to make fans mesmerized and hypnotized by his dance moves. I’m pretty sure, before knowing the members’ names, they would say the ‘guy with the amazing abs’

Jimin was an inspiration, both to men and women alike. Men admired his discipline in being able to work out and maintain that hard dash board of a chest, and women either wanted their men to have abs like Jimin or wanted to have Jimin himself. It really does take purpose and hard work to have a body that is fit, granted, they did dance hard hitting styles, but building muscle is another thing all together.

The more the years went by and BTS grew into the music that they produces, we saw less and less of Jimin’s abs, he is still fit and still goes hard when he dances, but revealing his abs is no longer on the agenda. ARMY gets little sneak peaks of his flat tummy when his outfit lifts a little.

These are some of the moments that fans loved, so it’s only fitting that we bring back the iconic ‘Jimin’s abs’ moments that made him unforgettable, he is still UNFORGETTABLE! And he did have fun showinh his abs because he knew fans loved it.

All BTS Jimin’s Serendipity performances were unbelievably great and will be etched in the memories of every fan! And be greatly missed until he performs again.

Jungkook showing off Jimin’s abs, he knew fans loved that!

Pictures are the memories that never fade away, etched on our minds and stilled in our hearts.

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