BTS Nominated for The Swiss Music Awards (SMA) 2021

BTS have been nominated for the 2021 Swiss Music Awards (SMA). The Swiss Music Awards, the largest music award in Switzerland, serve to promote the national music scene and at the same time present its cultural diversity. On the one hand, newcomers are offered a platform to make their music accessible to a broad public, on the other hand, the work of the most successful musicians is duly honored. You can Vote HERE.

BTS have been nominated in the “Best Group International” under International Awards.


Best Solo Act International
Best Group International
Best Breaking Act International
Best hit international

In addition to the fixed categories, the official award distributor Press Play can also award special prizes. National Special prizes include “Outstanding Achievement Award” and “Tribute Award

The elaborately produced event will not only delight the audience on site, but also the TV viewers at home on the screens. 3+ is now responsible for the award show as producer. 3+ will broadcast the show live on TV

Swiss Music Awards has collaborated with Viva con Agua  which activates and inspires for a world without thirst! Viva con Agua Switzerland is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation. And they use the universal language of music to sensitize people to their topics and to activate them for social engagement

Many Swiss musicians support Viva con Agua and ensure that the messages reach as many people as possible at festivals and concerts authentically and directly.

Together we collect donations for clean drinking water. The donations collected as part of the SMA are used to support a water project in Nepal

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