BTS RM’s Curated Room for ARMY Embodies Art, Comfort & Beautiful Aesthetics

BTS’ RM puts lots of artistic thought into curating ARMY’s room with comforting and beautiful objects. “Curated for ARMY” is in commemoration of the release of BTS “BE (Essential Edition) album. Suga started off curating the room and explaining what each element meant to him and hoped it would mean to ARMY. Today RM comes into the room to add more meaningful touches to the room. We know that RM is artistic and has deep thoughts to each and everything that he says and does, and it is no surprise the elements that he chose to add to ARMYs room.

He tapped into his love for pottery or anything sculpted, his love for books and plants. He explained the significance of each object he added and what he wanted ARMY to feel staying in the room. In their individual concept photo of his room, RM had a minimalistic look with figurines, plants and wood. In ARMYs room he talked about the bookcase being a place to put figurines as a functional aspect of the furniture piece yet it could still act as an aesthetically pleasing object in the room.

BTS is set to release a new version of their latest album “BE” which will drop on 19th February.

The ‘BE (Essential Edition)’ Album is set to feature eight songs from the BE Deluxe Edition. “Life Goes On,” “Fly to My Room,” “Blue & Grey,” “Skit,” “Telepathy,” “Dis-Ease,” “Stay” and “Dynamite,” as well as additional material. The last few days BTS have released “BTS Notes” which had all the individual members singing clips of the songs from the “BE” album plus an additional Notes from the song “Fly to My Room.”

With their chart topping and record-breaking track “Dynamite”, BTS earned their first group nomination on 24th November 2020 for Grammys 2021 in the “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” category.

BTS RM in his narration about the room explains,

“I remember saying that something in porcelain would be nice for “RM’s Room,” but I’ve actually been saving it for ARMY’s room. I thought the moon jar would suits ARMYs room really nicely. A moon jar is made by combining two halves that are made separately so each piece is unique. I’d say its just like people, each different and unique. Just as all these different jars are called “Moon Jars” so are all our ARMY who are different but stand by BTS as one ARMY. Looking at the moon jar in the room brings a certain tranquility to my mind. I hope that through this beautiful piece my full-moon wish to gift you a warm day will be felt by all ARMY.”

“I also thought that a Korean “four-way case” sabangtakja would be a good addition to ARMYs room. I make good use of this item to display my figures. The four-way case is open all around to make it extra useful, and the open sides imbue an expansive feeling to the entire space around it bringing you comfort. Its antique furniture but with a very modern aesthetics. I hope the harmonious balance created by the gentle curves of the moon jar and the lines and angles of the sabangtakja can bring lots of comfort and relaxation from every direction.”

Since Big Hit is following the order of the release of “BTS Notes,” the next member is going to be Jungkook. SO WE ARE GOING TO GET 7 SOLO ROOMS BY THE 7 MEMBERS UNTIL 17TH OF FEB. CONFIRMED.

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