BTS J-Hope’s Curated Room for ARMY is Made With Hearts & Scents That Will Bring Alive Beautiful Memories

BTS’ Suga gave ARMY a warm bed and cuddly bear, RM gave ARMY furniture and a jar, Jungkook gave ARMY speakers and a bowl with a fish, Jimin gave ARMY a clock and round table, V gave ARMY a turntable and vase with branches. Today J-Hope Gives ARMY a cozy rug that will embrace fans like he is the one that is embracing them and perfume because a scent can bring back good memories. This is unlike his own room for his concept photo that was filled with bright colors and pairs of shoes because he loves fashion. He wants ARMY to feel his warmth as he comforts them with the room.

These two items that J-Hope has added to the room, a rug with 7 hearts and 2 perfumes are meant to make beautiful memories between BTS and ARMY. 7 hearts that represent BTS members, 2 perfumes that represent BTS and ARMY. The relationship that can never be broken. He wants these two things to bring alive the memories that both BTS and ARMY hold of each other. Memories that will always be remembered and cherished by both of them throughout the years to come.

ARMYs Room Curated by BTS

BTS is set to release a new version of their latest album “BE” which will drop on 19th February.

The ‘BE (Essential Edition)’ Album is set to feature eight songs from the BE Deluxe Edition. “Life Goes On,” “Fly to My Room,” “Blue & Grey,” “Skit,” “Telepathy,” “Dis-Ease,” “Stay” and “Dynamite,” as well as additional material. The last few days BTS have released “BTS Notes” which had all the individual members singing clips of the songs from the “BE” album plus an additional Notes from the song “Fly to My Room.”

With their chart topping and record-breaking track “Dynamite”, BTS earned their first group nomination on 24th November 2020 for Grammys 2021 in the “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” category.

BTS’ J-Hope in his narration about the room explains,

“I think the best thing for ARMYs room in the winter cold is a rug that can make each moment your feet touch the floor nice and warm. I though an ordinary rug might not be enough to express the warmth I want to send your way, so I put down a rug with hearts all over it to show my love for you. I personally prefer to sit on the floor than on the sofa. I think there might be ARMY out there like me. In that case, a rug is a must, right? I wanted to make sure I can put in ARMYs room a rug that can embrace you full of love and warm like I can.“

“I think a scent is the strongest memory that lingers between a person and another. A pleasant memory might fade over time, but a whiff of a scent from way back then brings it back like it was yesterday. So I put in perfume that will make the beautiful memories of BTS and ARMY together come alive again. One is for us; one is for ARMY. What’s their scent like? Different for each memory with us that you recall in your mind, of course.”

Since Big Hit is following the order of the release of “BTS Notes,” the last member is going to be Jin. SO WE ARE GOING TO GET 7 SOLO ROOMS BY THE 7 MEMBERS UNTIL 17TH OF FEB. CONFIRMED.

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