Find Out Why BTS Jungkook’s Birthday Gift for J-Hope Will Make You Wish To Have an Artistic Best Friend

BTS J-Hope and Jungkook have a great friendship and relationship, often referred to as HopeKook especially when they share cute moments together. On 18th February was J-Hope’s birthday and the members usually post beautiful messages to the member who is celebrating. It is well know that Jungkook is usually very rare on online activities whether it be updating about life moments or celebrating birthdays. His birthday message on Twitter was the only one that missed in the other member’s birthdays. He surprised fans by sending J-Hope a birthday message accompanied by his hand drawn portrait of J-Hope’s viral teaser photo for their “Dynamite” photo concept. He first shared on Weverse his incomplete drawing ragging it “It’s still a step left…”

Jungkook chose the perfect photo to recreate J-Hope, his teaser photo literally caused ARMY’s breakdown as they were obsessed with the entire look. J-Hope bias wrecked fans with the absolutely perfect pose in that photo.

Jungkook then posted the finished black and white portrait of J-Hope on their Twitter page with a heart warming message

His mesage translated

trans) Happy birthday to you 🙂

Jung  : Jungnyung (Really) you are

Ho : Hosigi

Seok : SeokSam, Racoon, Squid



*Seoksam, Racoon, Squid is Korean word play it means 3,4,5

In Korean Seok is 3 Neogoori (Racoon) is 4 Ojingeo (Squid) is 5.

J-Hope’s Dynamite teaser photo

Jungkook’s incomplete portrait of J-Hope on Weverse

Jungkook’s hand drawn portrait, final photo the details are just perfect, especially the pout!

Jungkook’s artistic works over the years

His Maple story character
His painting In The Soop episode

Jungkook’s photographic memory and the uncanny ability to replicate objects realistically

He replicated himself in a drawing in this outfit
He drew Jimin on the floor with the BTS sign

He duplicated the view of the island opposite their cabin where they were staying for the “In The Soop” episode

He drew the Island next to their cabin on In The Soop episode

We love to see how their friendship has evolved over the years as they learn from each other and grow together.

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