The Best Moments That Defined The Most Chaotic & Funny RUN BTS Show Ever! as Told By ARMY

“Run BTS” never fails to make fans fall of their chairs beds or whatever place they are while laughing, hold your stomach, rib cracking laughter. BTS’ Episode 131came to take the crown for funniest, most chaotic! The show started all calm with members dressed in white shirts, tops, some shorts and even bowties.

But the you see a water body and you know it’s about to go down, all messy and definitely wet!

YoonMin falling in water while hugging, and JiKook recreating the Titanic scene and then Jimin pushes Jungkook into the water, and here everyone was confused that why is water was falling on them and Suga seating there folding his arms” summary of the whole plot.

It all started with Jungkook and Jimin recreaying the famous Titanic scene, and now famous nicknamed “Leonardo and Jungcaprio”

Then we have the water fights where the goal is to make the opponent fall in the water by tapping on their palms and pushing them off the raft floating on water. This is where all chaos started.

RM was paired with Jin and when none of them was falling overboard RM decided to take matters into his own hands. Most of the members commited fouls by falling into the water together with the opponent.

Game 2 followed and it was even worse in terms of chaos and bone crushing moments. It was debate time where each of the team had some forbidden words and gestures that they can’t do. If they end up doing the gestures, they will be splashed by water along with the moderator who is conducting the debate session, they probably thought the moderator was immune!

The catch here is, Bangtan won’t know what their prohibited words are until they figure it out, which they did at first, especially Jin, he kept figuring most of them at the beginning

By the time the first 11 minutes of the first debate was gone, they had pretty much been splashed with water probably more than 50 times! This is just part 1, part 2 is coming up next week.

True statement

Funniest show, takes the crown

Jimin and Jungkook

Jin going all savage on Jungkook after realizing you can press button to splash the water

Titanic scene by Jimin, Jungkook and J-Hope

Jungkook copying Jimin

Jimin and Suga falling into the water

You can’t really make a decision can you?

Well, they did say laughter is the best medicine!

Perfect pairs for the perfect fights

BTS be wildin’ it out

We couldn’t agree more

1000% agree

Nobody in BTS saw this coming

Jimin being afraid to fall into the water

J-Hope, V and Jimin saying the same thing, pointing to the same thing, all at the same time

Literally everyone

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