BTS’ Jungkook Sends Entire Internet Into a Frenzy Over His New Post, Find Out Why Fans Are Wrecked

JKK1 is COMING! JKK1 is coming! JKK1 is coming! The minds of ARMYs right now.

During his BE Interview BTS’ Jungkook, talked about wanting to produce 3 songs with 3 music videos, that left many fans jaws on the floor with how much he was willing to release and when! Now this latest development has ARMY in a frenzy not wanting to miss when the mixtape actually drops. Nobody knows if he will announce the release or just decide to drop the mixtape unannounced. Today Jungkook posted his never heard of before verse for their single “Dis-ease” from their new Album “BE” and it is absolutely causing chaos in the twitter sphere. Jungkook has been talking more about his mix tape and ARMY have been on the lookout for any hints that the mix tape is here. Now more than ever fans are convinced that the mixtape will drop sooner rather than later!

‘JEON JUNGKOOK’ is trending #1 Worldwide. ‘JJK1’, ‘OMG JUNGKOOK’ and ‘Dis-ease’ are also trending Worldwide after Jungkook’s Weverse post of his unreleased version of Dis-ease bridge. Various keywords relating to Jungkook occupy the top trends worldwide on Twitter

Jungkook posted the video on Weverse with the words “Suddenly thought of the Disease bridge I wrote… haha”

Jungkook’s post on Weverse

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