Nick Jonas Shares His Admiration For BTS’ Freedom To Perform as A Group & As Individuals

On 5th March Nick Jonas had an interview with SiriusXM Hits 1 and the question was asked about his experience as a solo artist but still a member of the world famous boy band The Jonas Brothers. He said that both working as an individual and as part of a group can coexist so seamlessly. Nick Jonas then cited BTS as great examples saying how he saw BTS during their Rose bowl concert 2 years ago. He was impressed at how BTS were able to perform and be involved in individual projects yet come together as a group and be even stronger when they perform.

He was impressed by BTS’ dynamic in terms of them as a group and as individual performers

BTS V, Jin, Suga and RM during solo performances

“I actually look at BTS for instance, I went to one of their shows at the Rose Bowl… It was cool to see them doing their individual songs and then coming back as the group, doing their songs together, .” Nick Jonas

It is always a surprise to new fans or even some old fans and other artists or celebrities at how BTS always seem to seamlessly perform, sing, write songs and produce music on individual levels and then still bring the same energy and passion when they come together as the group BTS.

BTS J-Hope, Jungkook and Jimin during solo performances

“That ability to have that freedom as a group is really rare” Nick Jonas added

BTS as artists in a group and as individual soloists have broken multiple records whether it be their own records, records set by others and/or records that have been in existence for a long time from legendary singers. They have shown their versatility yet similarities in the way they do music. During their performance of Cold Play’s cover of “Fix You” at MTV Unplugged, all the members proved that they can use their vocals in unexpected ways and be able to be in harmony with each other, especially the rappers, their singing voice was just as immaculate as their rapping usually is.

Watch Nick Jonas’ interview

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