Lea Salonga, Tony Award-winning Actress and Singer Gushes Over Getting BTS V’s Winter Package Photocards Hard to Come by Because of The High Demand

Lea Salonga, Tony award-winning actress & singer who is renown as the singing voice of Princess Jasmine & Mulan fangirled about pulling a V photocard. She shared that she has heard getting a V photo card is a big deal as his photocards are high in demand & hard to come by. Salonga has always been a fan of BTS, confirming that V is her bias in 2020. She even commended BTS on how professional, detailed and particular the members are after watching their Vogue getting ready for their MTV “Dynamite” performance video.

BTS V 2021 Winter Package

Last year Salonga posted on her twitter account about BTS saying that,

“Many of you that watched the Vogue video must’ve caught this. This. THIS. Their professionalism. Their refusal to settle for mediocrity. The desire to repeat until it’s exactly right. Wanna know why I’m a fan? This GIF says it all. #RESPECT”

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