BTS’ Jimin Reveals That V Never Used To Gain Weight & How He Teased Him and Jungkook

BTS’ RM, Jin and Jimin had a VLive recently and they were making a salad. They talked about several topics, from their nomination and performance, to how they are on a diet and have been eating salads. Jimin turned his “influencer/ youtuber” charms by showing the ingredients and the dishes they made ups close on the camera. At some point they played rock paper scissors and the person who lost had to stuff 8 cherry tomatoes in their mouths. RM lost the first round and he stuffed the cherry tomatoes with Jin and Jimin snickering how funny their fellow member looked. Jimin lost the second time a stuffed the tomatoes too, with Jin making him say something to ARMY with his mouth full. Essentially this was their most chaotic VLive yet an they were having fun.

They started talking about dieting and how Jin thought that you can never loose weight eating salads. Even comparing how an elephant eats greens and yet it is the biggest animal. They then reminisced on their rookie days when they used to diets as well. Jimin stated that V never used to add weight and he remembered an incident involving him, V and Jungkook

Jimin: “V is very good at this, can I repeat this story of V just after our debut? V is… we were walking,  after a practice. V used not to gain weight”

Jin: “More than I used to be. eating was kind of his job. Everyone was trying to shed weight..”

Jimin: “We were walking. We were three. V was behind us. ‘I really want chocolate bread’ he ran away, and he came back with chocolate bread and started eating it.”

Jin: “Legendary”

Jimin: “The other day, Jungkook said he would go on a diet. And he (V) asked him to feed him at a meat restaurant. V is… he’s a devil. You know like this, feed me”

Jin: “He asked for it to Jungkook who was on a diet?”

RM: “He wanted to test his patience”

VMin (V and Jimin) have so many stories that they can tell as they have been best friends for a very long time, went to high school, university and even recently graduated together. Their friendship and bond is really amazing and that is why their cherished memories are special.

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