COWAY Korea Teases Their First New Collaboration With BTS

Earlier in the year Coway had named BTS as their new brand ambasadors. They were as the new face of Coway to expand the brand’s global impact. Ads featuring BTS would roll out on various platforms from March. Coway planned to work closely with BTS and explore new realms of digital marketing.

“2021 is a crucial year for Coway to expand our brand presence as the global leader of the environmental home appliance industry. We’re delighted to appoint BTS as our global ambassador. We’re ready to strengthen our global presence through exciting digital marketing projects that’ll reach a larger consumer base,” said Mani Shim, the Head of Marketing at Coway

In their first Brand collaboration with BTS, Conway has teased a video featuring the members Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. ON their Instagram page Coway teased and said,

“Shhhhh, BTS is recharging themselves now. Here is a sneak preview of on site sketch taken at the set during BTS X coway THX shoot for everyone who can’t wait to see a dreamy meet up between Conway and BTS! #Sleepcare_Mattress chosen as the first product featured with BTS in the TVC”

“We want to share more with you, but that it for today. Please look forward to the full video of the TVC! Coming soon. It will be released on 24th March 9.00 AM”

ARMY cannot wait for the full reveal as they expect to indulge in any product that BTS holds their hands in. BTS are the best ambassadors as they support local brand’s and are only involved in campaigns that that they themselves believe in! Now watch the mattresses sales shoot through the roof! They make that matters to be one that will give you not only a beautiful sleep but wonderful dreams filled with beautiful men smiling back at you!

Watch full ad

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