BTS Revealed As The Most Instagrammed Celeb Cake With a Whopping ‘30,479’ Cake Related Posts On Instagram


BTS. Three letters that have meant the world, to the whole world. These 7 men, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook have changed the way people listen to music, the way they view the world and how they interpret language. BTS is a worldwide sensation that reached 191 countries out of the 195 countries of the world, to say that they have conquered it would be an understatement, but they have conquered the world. They have influenced education, the culinary world, saved businesses, have donated to causes close to their hearts, are artists’ muses, they are living legends.

The reason that BTS is loved widely and worldly is because BTS music transcends all ages and ARMY keep on proving it time and again. The seven members have broken several twitter records, Jungkook has broken TikTok record despite having no personal account, which is why they usually get the most social engagements on all social platforms, be it Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Spotify, MelOn or Instagram.

 Many fans like to use their birthday as an opportunity to show love to their favorite celebrities, but which famous face is favoured the most when it comes to featuring on cakes made? Interested in finding out, online cake shop took to Instagram hashtags to reveal all. reports, taking the lead just like they did in the charts, is South Korean boyband BTS with a whopping (30,479) cake related posts on Instagram. From cake toppers including the whole band to individual cake pops of each of the band members, fans are clearly dedicated to proving their love and loyalty all year round.

Some artistic BTS Themed cakes


Also hailing from South Korea and recently dominating the charts are girl band Blackpink in second place (9,281 Instagram posts). When it comes to cake designs, most stick to the expected pink and black theme and are signed off with the signature South Korean finger heart gesture.

In third place is Ariana Grande with (5,297) cake photos of her on Instagram. Much range can be found for the birthday cakes fans have created of her, from recreating her perfume bottles to the iconic burn book font from Mean Girls for her hit single Thank U, Next.

Up next is Drake (4,221 Instagram posts)- Known for having quotable lines in his songs, it seems that their use doesn’t stop at cake. Other popular choices include his brand OVO as well as the well-loved “crying Drake” meme.

Taking fifth place is Puerto Rican superstar Bad Bunny with (3,690) cake related Instagram posts. His hit single with 425,749,265 streams ‘Yo Perreo Sola’, was among the popular choices made by fans on their cake, both in choice of words and having a drag version of Bad Bunny on their cake.

Unsurprisingly, Harry Styles takes sixth place thanks to (2,422) Instagram posts. From his iconic fish lens cover for his 2019 album Fine Line, to our newfound obsession with watermelon thanks to ‘Watermelon Sugar’, it’s clear his second album left an impression on his fans – so much so they made it part of their special day.

In a more surprising turn of events, Donald Trump (2,366) and Michael Jackson (2,082) take seventh and eighth place. For some, patriotism has no days off including their birthday, whereas when it comes to Michael it’s clear to see his legacy still continues to this day.

Completing the top ten are football legend Lionel Messi (1,571) and everyone’s favourite green haired popstar Billie Eilish (1,548).

On the lower layers:

Beyonce takes 15th place with a current total of 1,109 cake related posts. When looking through the cakes made, it’s clear to see her Lemonade album had a big influence on her fans.

Much like his namesake Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan’s legacy also lives on with there being a total of 1,201 cake versions of him and his jersey posted.

Following his debut in the Netflix documentary ‘Tiger King’, Joe Exotic was able to steal the attention of people all over the globe, including cake makers with a total of 1,270 cakes relating to him on Instagram.

In 11th place was Cristiano Ronaldo (1,385), followed by Taylor Swift in 12th place (1,503). took a variety of lists showcasing the most popular celebrities across different areas and took to Instagram to see which had been made into a cake most often. The celebrities name including nickname variations was searched, followed by cake, cakes, cake topper and cake pops. The total number of posts were added together and the top 15 taken from the list, the celebrities were then ranked based on their totals.

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