BTS’ Yoongi, J-Hope & V Host The First Ever VLIVE in Their New Building HYBE

BTS officialy moved to their new building HYBE and they have already started utulizing the space. On 5th April, BTS’ Yoongi (Suga), Hoseok (J-Hope) & Taehyung (V) went on Vlive! they said they are now in their new HYBE building. The title of the Vlive is Bangtan cafe Yongsan branch open! Tea time with ARMY. They were making different kinds of teas and drinks while talking about various topics, V even mentioned about his mixtape while Suga gave an update on how his shoulder was doing since surgery, they were reading and replying to ARMY’s comments.

V just invented a drink called “Opa” meaning “Orange-Pineapple” and Hoseok was making fun of him saying he made a drink called “Oppa”

They said they were quite surprised because there are a lot of foreign language comments than expected so V and J-Hope said “hola! mahal ko kayo (l love you)”

J-Hope’s drink

Since V is known for taking many selca, J-Hope asked him why he has not been uploading any

J-Hope: why haven’t you been uploading selcas?
V: it’s been around 6 months, I just don’t like how they turn out
J-Hope: ayyy~ (how could you say that)

V’s drink’s name is “Hawaiian O-pa” (orange + pineapple)!

V said he was sorry that his mixtape won’t be out this year. He said that its because they have a lot more schedule than expected.


Its okay he can release it whenever he wants and we will always be waiting whatever long it takes

They were asked if they’ve watched any movies recently so V said lately, he wasn’t able to watch any movies and went to sleep immediately.

Yoongi moved his arms and shoulders to show he can move it freely since some ARMYs expressed concern

Yoongi made a strawberry drink and showed it off saying “isn’t it great?”

And then they said goodbye. J-Hope said before they turned off the live that they came here to communicate with us ARMYs.. they also said to each other let’s try to come to vlive once in a while to talk to ARMYs

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