Will BTS Be Making Their Long Awaited Comeback in May? Here’s Why It’s Highly Likely

BTS’S 2021 Comeback has been long awaited since the release of their Japanese song “Film Out” According to Korea’s Joy News 24 news reports, BTS is making a comeback in the last week of May.

According to multiple music officials on the 13th, BTS plans to make a comeback in the last week of May and has entered the final stage of preparing the album. The last Friday in May is influential.

BTS had previously announced a comeback in May. Afterwards, it was revealed as a result of the coverage of Joy News 24 that the comeback was internally confirmed in the last week of May. It has been confirmed that various music companies have also been informed of the news of BTS’s comeback in the last week of May, and have started adjusting the date of the comeback of their artists, the online media reported.

In this regard, BTS’s agency Big Hit Music said on Joy News 24 on the 13th that “the artist’s comeback schedule will be announced after being confirmed.” Joy News 24

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