BTS Released “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E” CONCEPT PHOTOBOOK Preview Cuts & They are Mind Blowing!

BTS shared new concept photos for Map of The Soul: ON:E Photobook on their Weverse account. All the members were shown in the concepts for their solo songs’ performances. During the “Map Of The Soul: ONE” BTS broke records as they showcased their songs that had not been performed before. RM performed “Persona,” Suga performed “Shadow,” J-Hope performed “EGO,” Jimin performed “FILTER,” V performed “INNER CHILD” and Jungkook performed “MY TIME”


That stare! RM spews the classic man!

BTS’ Suga photo shoot for his “Intro: Shadow” performance

Suga’s photo shoot is moody with that perfect gentleman look

BTS Jin’s photo shoot for his “MOON” performance

Jin exudes other worldly charms that just draw you in

BTS J-Hope’s photo shoot for his “Outro: EGO” performance

J-Hope is all flirty and fun

BTS Jimin’s photo shoot for his “FILTER” performance

Jimin manages to bring out that sexy charm

BTS V’ photo shoot for his “INNER CHILD” performance

V is the eternal prince charming who wants to save you from the world

BTS Jungkook’s photo shoot for his “MY TIME” performance

Jungkook has a mysterious look that is absolutely mesmerizing

Watch the preview

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